Looking abroad for a Mondial

I started to look abroad to see what was for sale as I had seen almost all the Mondials for sale in The Netherlands and no 3.2 to be found, which I actually wanted to have. Almost all my cars I buy in Germany so why not the Ferrari either. There was one for sale 600km from my home. However I really had my doubts on the color of the interior. It was so red!! But I was more then fond on the body color. Called and made an appointment for the upcoming weekend.

Ferrari_Mondial_32-01 Ferrari_Mondial_32-06

Ferrari_Mondial_32-05 Ferrari_Mondial_32-02

Ferrari_Mondial_32-04 Ferrari_Mondial_32-03

Ferrari_Mondial_32-09 Ferrari_Mondial_32-07

Ferrari_Mondial_32-11 Ferrari_Mondial_32-08


Frenchie QV

This was one of the last Mondial I looked at which I didn’t buy. A ’83 QV. A very nice restored body, fully document with pictures. However the smell of fuel was overwhelming and the transmission had problems in 3 of the gears. It had 83.000km (65,ooo miles) on it. I found it to risky to buy because of the transmission. I do like the yellow French lenses. The Mondial also originated from France. Added also a pic from 1996 as I only got one photo. It got sold last year outside of NL selling price 17.000 euro.



A few more nice Mondials

Seen a few Mondials. Two at Almere Classic Cars which were really nice! They hadn’t seen the road for over a decade so I couldn’t test drive either of them. It was no problem to make one ready if we made a deal. Mentioned I had a few more to see and that I was not in a hurry. Both were in all original state. If I didn’t came across my current one it would have been most likely the Red one since it had a sun roof. They are still for sale if even though they are not actively put for sale. So if you are interested give the guy a call and he will make time for you!

Red Mondial QV 1984 – Blue non metallic Mondial QV 1983

MondialQV-Red-1984 Mondial-QV-Blue-1983

Seen a potential Mondial

My eye caught a 1984 Mondial QV for sale. The body was in tremendous good state, but the interior was if it were eaten by a dog. The ask price was 17.000 euro. I went for a test drive and let it sank in a bit. I didn’t want to make a hasty decision without reading about this type like I did with the Dino. It got sold within 4 days.

Although my heart was lying with the Dino I made the choice to go for a Mondial since most Dinos within 500km radius where too rusty. Except for one in Belgium at the oldtimer farm, the price was 35.000 euro, which, at the time, didn’t want to pay for it. Nowadays they go for twice this amount.


Almost got one

Days went by looking at purchasing sites. Then on an evening on the news it was told that a barn cought fire with a few  old super cars in it and only a few could be rescued.

Not many days later an original Dutch Dino 308GT4, with a very nice plate 00-RR-11, came up for sale on a local site. I called, but I was too late. It got already sold an hour before for 7.ooo euro. The nice thing is that it still resides in The Netherlands. Curious when it pops up again. Still got some pics.

13462_Dino3 13462_Dino2

13462_Dino4 13462_Dino8

13462_Dino6 00-rr-11


The Hunt for a Ferrari

Having looked at the 208GT4 that was for sale in Amsterdam I got hooked. The dashboard was like a small cockpit of a plane the curbs of this small Ferrari were unusual and the rear lights uncommon. Obviously the coupe was styled by Bertone who at the time also styled the Lamborghini.

I let this one go the body needed attention due to rust and rotten places, but my interest was caught. Looking at several more I soon discovered that most Dino’s were rust buckets. This one in Belgium was interesting.  My offer at the time was 7.000 euro, but it were not to be sold below 14.000 euro.

WP_000319 WP_000318

WP_000315 WP_000317

WP_000316 PW_000318

A passion woken up

Where did this chapter in my life begin owning a Ferrari. This is a question that is often asked to me. As far as I can remember I liked super cars. Porsches, Maseratis and in particular Ferraris. Ferraris that were often seen in those days where the Mondial, 308 and Testarossa. As you grow up live goes on, regular things take over in your live and a passion is often put to sleep. Ferraris from the 80ties slowly disappeared from streets as these sports cars got replaced by the more modern ones. Once and a while one pops up here and there and so did a red Dino 308GT4 in Amsterdam in the summer of 2012, driving on one of the canals. My passion woke up from its long deep winter sleep!


That evening the search on the Internet for a Dino 308GT4, which I hadn’t seen in a long time on the roads, began. Although this was not a 308GT4 I found a Dino for sale near my home in Amsterdam. A red 208GT4 for 19.000,- Euro. (Original pictures where it was for sale)

Dino208GT4 DinoGT4-02