New o-rings injector shoes

While I had the intake manifold of anyway I replaced the o-rings of all the injectors in case of any vacuum leak together with new injectors of Bosch. The top ring is new and the old has become square after 27 years.

WP_20130912_001 WP_000452

Replacing coolant tubes

Like I mentioned in my previous post on of the coolant tubes was leaking. The tube was in bad condition, but the union too that went into the T joint pipe. Needed to take of the intake manifolds to be able to remove the T joint pipe. Replaced the union (part 106241) with a new one after drilling it out and re-thread it. This union is often leaking because of the corrosion. The costs of this little piece of aluminum.. a staggering 170 euro.

Replace coolant tube 01 Replace coolant tube 02

Replace coolant tube 03 Replace coolant tube 04

Replace coolant tube 05


Replacing rubber seals of air house

The Mondial ran to rich in fuel and on some occasions it was not running smooth. Actually for all older cars one should replace all the rubber as rubber seal, hoses etc will not last 30 years. I will be doing it in stages and after this I will be doing the fuel tubes from the tank. My suspicion was right.. I had a leaking plenum. Four new seals and the problem is solved. However, I ran into a new problem. A cooling tube was leaking that was in between the intake manifolds under the air house. Since I have the lot of I decided to replace the coolant tube as well.

Plenum change 01 Plenum change 02

Plenum change 03

Set OEM wheels

I have been looking a long time for a set of original Ferrari Mondial wheels. A set came available in Belgium. Hopped into the car to have a look. Arrived at the scene they came with reasonable good tyres to drive around for a month or three. Got them for a good price, 1200 Euro. They do need new Ferrari batches. No bolts included. I understand now why. 1 original chrome bolt new will cost 199 euro and one needs 20. Do the match. I will fetch some steel bolts and buy chrome caps. This way I also have no rust problem on the chrome.