Looking abroad for a Mondial

I started to look abroad to see what was for sale as I had seen almost all the Mondials for sale in The Netherlands and no 3.2 to be found, which I actually wanted to have. Almost all my cars I buy in Germany so why not the Ferrari either. There was one for sale 600km from my home. However I really had my doubts on the color of the interior. It was so red!! But I was more then fond on the body color. Called and made an appointment for the upcoming weekend.

Ferrari_Mondial_32-01 Ferrari_Mondial_32-06

Ferrari_Mondial_32-05 Ferrari_Mondial_32-02

Ferrari_Mondial_32-04 Ferrari_Mondial_32-03

Ferrari_Mondial_32-09 Ferrari_Mondial_32-07

Ferrari_Mondial_32-11 Ferrari_Mondial_32-08


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