Oil Change and looking at shifting problem

The first thing I always do with a new car is doing an oil change. This just comforts myself in knowing what kind of oil is in the engine. Also for this Mondial being not driven that much the last 3 years you can bet your horses on it that the oil contains water. Most people don’t know that 95 petrol attracts water because of the 10% ethanol mixture. Eventually it attracts so much water in the fuel tank. During short drives this also ends up in your engine and it has not enough time to vaporize these short drives. As expected water in the oil as you can see on the picture. I use mineral oil 20w-50 for classic cars (replacement of the Agip SINT 2000 SAE 10w-50) and a MANN oil filter.


For the not shifting problem we suspected that there was something with the clutch and decided to take of the bell housing and discovered a cracked fly wheel. The crack was 5mm deep and perhaps bended when it got heated up leaving no more leverage for the clutch to release. With a new flywheel the problem was not gone entirely.

Cracked-Fly-Wheel-Ferrari-Mondial New-Fly-Wheel-Ferrari-Mondial

Later on discovered that the fork of the clutch slave cylinder was cut in order for the not genuine clutch slave cylinder to work. Combination with a new flywheel, clutch, clutch plate and release bearing we were exposed the opposites. Able to shift gears, but the clutch didn’t pick up grip. Replaced clutch slave cylinder (fiat) with a proper Ferrari imitation one and an adjustable fork made everything work properly again.


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