Front nose treatment

Before installing the repainted radiator it’s time to treat the front with new paint and StoneChip. We will do an antirust treatment under the nose and to access it we took off the front bumper.

Having removed it all I saw she took a hit on the driver’s side in the past. I have recorded this in my Mondial’s maintenance book and this hit seems to be from at least 20 years back if not earlier. I do need to replace a frame piece since it is beyond sanding possibilities and weld in a new piece. I always suspected she got a hit as there was an odd space on the bottom between the front fender and the door, but that is the charm of a classic car. It has stories!


Repainted the horn and polished the aluminum bits.

This is how it looks like after having removed all the rust and repaint with StoneChip and Black paint spray. New foam in place to keep the incoming are flowing directly through the radiator.


And the radiator is in! Perfect fit!

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